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One of the great advantages of nail polish is that it provides you a great excuse to sit back and do nothing for 20-30 mins while it’s drying. After a harrowing exam session, I decided to do just that…

The inspiration for my manicure came from looking at the Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2012 collection, which is all nautical-themed.

I used Skin Food Nail Vita in Deep Blue for the base colour. Skin Food is a fantastic Korean beauty and skin care company that I’ll be telling you more about soon!

For the thumb, I used Konad’s Special Polish in White for the anchor, and Bloom’s Sibella II for the accents.

For the middle finger, I used Sibella II again to create the anchor chains.

On the pinky finger, I used Konad’s Special Polish in Red to create a sailor’s knot and some nautical stripes.

Click the pic for a closer look!

Unfortunately the camera focused on my thenar prominence (the bulgy part of the thumb) rather than my nails but you can still see the design. The designs were painted on using a no. 2 fine point paintbrush.

Have you ever created a ‘theme’ manicure? If you haven’t, then try it – it’s lots of fun!