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‘Buttery balm with beautiful shiny colour to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips’

So I’ve had these for about a month, but uni has been so crazy that I only just had time to sit down and swatch these properly. I have been using them almost exclusively since I got them, so I can give you a good idea of their performance.

These babies are definitely the hottest new release of 2012 (so far!). I restrained myself from getting all 20 colours…for now.

A very flattering photo of my bare lips. Since Revlon claims these babies are hydrating, I forwent using any lip balm. As you can see, my lips are quite pigmented. Sheer lip colours often look different on my lips than they appear in the tube, so keep that in mind!

Tutti Frutti: A sheer wash of pinked coral. Looks much more orange in the tube, but not as scary on the lips.

 Berry Smoothie: Medium berry with shimmer.

Sweet Tart: Creamy blue-pink.

Candy Apple: Sheer candy red.

Peach Parfait: Pinky-peach with gold shimmer. On my lips, this showed up the least.

Packaging: Loved the colour-matched casing – this means I can easily tell which one I’m reaching for whatever way they’re stored. The chrome tube looks classy and simple.

Product: I wouldn’t say these were as hydrating as claimed. After a few hours, I felt like I needed lip balm badly! The Lip Butters apply smoothly but it can take a couple of swipes to get an even colour. They are sheer as claimed. The glitter on Berry Smoothie wasn’t a problem, but on Peach Parfait I found glitter residue around my mouth hours after application which was difficult to remove. Candy Apple and Tutti Frutti were the longest wearing (4+ hours of colour remaining). I found I had to reapply every hour of so to maintain hydration.

Price: $22. This is ridiculous considering their US RRP is $7.50. Honestly, they aren’t worth that price so I recommend buying them on eBay for $10.

In general, I enjoy using the Lip Butters. If they were at a more reasonable price, I would probably have them all. They are definitely worth a look. I think the best thing about them is their sheerness means you can try bright fun colours without fear of looking like a clown. My favourite colour would have to be Tutti Frutti. The colour is so flattering, fun and so ‘in’ right now that you need it in your life, stat!