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I grabbed this little set at the virtual checkout from Sephora. Yes, even in cyberspace they try to get you at the checkout! Benetint is a cult product and probably Benefit’s most famous, and its hideously expensive ($55 at Myer). I considered paying $15 for a chance to try 3 products from Benefit at once to be quite good value.

Each bottle contains 4mL of product. A full sized bottle of each product is 12mL.

Benetint is a ‘rose-pink’ shade that can be used on the lips and cheeks to give a sheer, fresh flush of colour. My first impression was that it smelled really good – like roses. But I found that on my skin (MAC NC42-3) it barely showed up with a single application. A few layers of product brought up the colour sufficiently to be seen, but it took quite a lot of effort and it appeared patchy in areas.

Overall, I was disappointed and wouldn’t have bought the full size version. I would recommend tints with stronger pigmentation such as Hourglass Sheer Aura or Stila Lip & Cheek Stain (both available at Mecca Cosmetica) for anyone medium or darker skin.

Highbeam is a ‘shimmering pink’ liquid highlighter. It should be used on the high points of the face (cheekbones, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, under the eyebrow arch) to bring in light and create a ‘glow’. My criteria for a good highlighter include easy blendability, sheerness and shimmer over glitteriness. My stalwart of liquid highlighters has been MAC’s Strobe Liquid for many years.

I liked this product very much, although you have to be careful to avoid making your face too shiny. A little goes a long way with Highbeam! Although the cool undertones aren’t as flattering on my skin as other warmer products, I still like the look of it. I still apply a minute amount of powder to negate any excessive shine. I would consider purchasing the full size version of this product for myself and definitely recommend it for people with cool skintones.

Posietint is a ‘poppy pink’ tint with much the same description as Benetint. Unlike Benetint, this comes in an opaque metallic pink bottle. I did not expect that the tint would even show up on my face after Benetint failed to. A total surprise when it actually did show up! I actually really like Posietint – I even tried it on my lips. It showed up a little, but even that impressed me since my lips are quite pigmented. I had to apply this several times as well to get the colour to where I was satisfied, but I still felt it held up better than Benetint.

Overall, I’d buy this if given a choice between Posietint and Benetint. But honestly, I probably wouldn’t get either and choose a more pigmented stain instead.

In terms of the products in general, I thought the packaging was super cute but I hated the nail polish brush. It was teeny tiny so you could only place the product on a small area at a time. It also means that it would be difficult to use them while travelling or in a hurry (always a concern for the busy student). On the plus side, they are quite hardy. I dropped one onto the tiled floor and it survived without a scratch. I also didn’t like that the Posietint bottle was opaque because you can’t see how much product is left.

I hope you enjoyed this review and it helps you make an informed beauty decision. Thanks for reading!