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So, I love making new things all the time. However I chose a degree and a career that leaves very little spare time (and the time you do get you’d rather spend sleeping). That means I have to come up with quick and easy projects so I can relieve my creative urges! Here’s three new headbands that I knocked up while relaxing in front of the TV.

Garland Headband

To make this beautiful headband, I sewed pre-made organza rosettes onto a Scunci No Slip headband. Keep adding rosettes down both sides of the headband until you reach your ears. And on a different note, ‘No Slip’ just means so tight that it creates a semi-permanent crease in your hair…

Rosette Headband

The boyfriend gave me a top with pretty white rosettes on it, and I used the spare one to make this cute headband. I measured a strip of black elastic to the correct circumference for my head + 2 cm seam allowance. I then sewed the elastic to form a loop, and secured the rosette onto the band with a few stitches. When measuring elastic, always stretch it to the tension you want so you can control how tight it’s going to be on your head.

Velvet Headband

This headband was made pretty much the same way as the Basic Headband. Ordinarily I think velvet is tacky, but velvet headbands are an exception. They look incredibly luxe and ‘wintery’, so I love wearing them when its cold outside.

Hope you enjoyed these super quick DIYs – they really were the work of minutes! Who said DIY was hard?


ps. Actually, it is hard…but these headbands are like DIY for Dummies.