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Korres is a Greek beauty and skin care company that is known for using natural ingredients in the products, like flowers, yoghurt, fruit, bran (is someone else getting hungry?).  I have been dying to try this brand out ever since I walked past their boutique in a mall in Hong Kong.

I picked two cult products for my introduction to Korres: Lip Butter and Lip Butter Glaze. It’s all about the lips this year!

The product name confuses me. Quinces are ugly and delicious and not pink! However, Quince Lip Butter is a gorgeous sheer pink rose on my lips. I love everything about this product, including the little pot it comes in. Inconvenience is trumped by its cuteness. The lip butter wears about 3 hours on my lips and is moisturising (although not as much as my HG lip balm – Lucas’ Papaw Ointment).

The Lip Butter Glaze comes in a tube instead of a pot, and its formulation is noticeably thinner than the Lip Butter. I got the colour Wild Rose, a sheer deep red. This is a fabulous colour that gives the whole face a healthy look. I love using this right before bed because I woke up with that ‘just bitten’ look to my lips. It isn’t as hydrating as the Lip Butters.

I am so excited to try more of Korres! These products are available from Kit Cosmetics for $18.95. That’s right…they’re cheaper than Revlon Lip Butters.

Next on my Korres wish list = Zea Mays Powder Blush.