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Yay my first DIY post! First because this is the first time I’ve actually remembered to take photos of the production process. Headbands are a staple accessory and are great for hiding greasy roots, taming bangs and adding pizzazz to an ordinary outfit. This DIY is super quick (20 mins tops!) and can be done by a beginner-level DIY-er.

What you need:

Ribbon (approx 40 cm), braided elastic tape (approx 10 cm), scissors, pins, measuring tape

Step 1

Use the measuring tape to get the circumference of your head where you want the headband to sit. You need about circumference minus 15cm of ribbon for the headband, but if you want a shorter or longer one just adjust appropriately. Cut the ribbon to the appropriate length.

Step 2

Cut approximately 10 cm of the elastic tape. I used black because of my dark hair, but it is also available in tan and white. A thinner tape will be easier to work with for this project.

Step 3

Take the ends of the ribbon and fold over 3 cm from the ends. Press down firmly to create a crease.

Step 4

Place one end of the elastic tape in the middle of ribbon on top of the end flap.

Step 5

Fold over the ribbon to cover the elastic. Use pins to pin each side in place. You can now carefully try on the headband to see if it needs to be tightened/loosened and make adjustments.

Step 6

Use a sewing machine to go over the ends of the ribbon a couple of times. Use scissors to carefully remove flyaway threads.

Step 7

Repeat steps 1 – 6 for a variety of different colour and material ribbons to have the perfect hair accessory for any outfit!

This is the perfect way to feel like you’ve accomplished something on a lazy Sunday (it sure beats studying). Hope you guys liked this one!