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Happy Chocolate Day! Actually, Easter Sunday is tomorrow but its never too early for chocolate. I haven’t put up a makeup look for a while but I did this one about two months ago and forgot to put it up!

This look is fun and cute – its a good way of experimenting with colour without going crazy. Hope you enjoy it!

1: After applying primer, use a flat shader brush to apply a shimmery pale pink colour to the lid.

2: Apply a shimmering lilac shadow to the crease and sweep it into the middle 1/3 of the  eye. If you wish to add more shape, use a medium brown with a pencil brush in the outer corner. Blend out the colours so no harsh edges remain.

3: Use a pencil brush to sweep a peach-gold colour over the inner 2/3 of the lower lashline. Use the same lilac colour used in the crease on the outer 1/3 of the lower lashline. Highlight the inner tearduct area with a white-gold colour.

4: Use an emerald green eye pencil to line the waterline and the top lashline (hint: warm it up by rubbing it on the back of your hand before application). Use a clean eyeliner brush to gently soften the line. Then, curl lashes and apply mascara.

5: Finish up with a light dusting of bronzer and a sweet pink blush. Apply a peach lip colour and add some clear lip gloss for some extra shine.

Hope you enjoyed this one! As I did it so long ago, I can’t remember the products I used, but you don’t need to use the same as me anyway! Hope everyone is having a happy and relaxing Easter long weekend. I’ll be at the hospital on Easter Sunday night for my very first delivery shift – perhaps I might even deliver a baby! Exciting!