On Wednesday, I went for my annual haircut. If you know me personally, you know my hair is totally boring – its long and straight and stubbornly refuses to be anything else. I’ve had a fringe before, and it turned out to be very high maintenance. But I was dying to try something new, so I opted to go for a long side fringe that would frame my face but could easily be pinned back when I couldn’t deal with it.

(Please ignore messy kitchen background)

As you can see, I kept most of my length (got it evened out) and added some bangs at the front. I really like having something to frame my face, because straight hair tends to  lie flat against the scalp in a very unattractive way. I still need to train the new fringe to come across my forehead, which is why it’s not very visible in the photos.

One more bonus pic:

“WHYYYY is straight hair so hard to style!!?”

Getting a new chop is the perfect way to feel good about yourself in an instant! Thank you, brother, for taking these photos.