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In case you didn’t know, glitter is BIG right now! If I had unlimited resources, I would be online buying out the whole range of Lit Cosmetics glitters right now…but unfortunately, better sense has prevailed. 😦

To satisfy my glitter fix, I turned to NYX Cosmetics. This is a popular budget makeup line available in the USA, which a lot of great products (including a huge eyeshadow colour range!). I got my stash from eBay, but you can also find them online at Crush Cosmetics.

L-R: Crystal, Hot Gold, Disco Ball, Purple, Apple, Blue

Normal Light

With Flash

Blurred to show the holographic effect

So pretty! If only I’d had these babies for my New Year’s Resolution look!The only problem is that I still haven’t found a decent glitter adhesive since the glitter craze hasn’t really broken upon Aussie shores yet. 😦 So far I’ve tried using water (crazy fallout), clear lipgloss (smeared everywhere) and lash glue (….eyelid got stuck in the open position).

The one thing I don’t like about these glitters are that apart from Blue, they are all quite chunky and gritty. Blue is fine milled like I would expect from cosmetic glitter. I’m a bit worried I might scratch my skin or eye applying or removing these.

I also got some NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils:

Normal light

Blended out

So far I am loving these! Especially Milk and Mocha. I’m using Milk almost on a daily basis for my brow highlight base, and Mocha is great for on the lid. I haven’t tried to wear these without a powder eyeshadow over the top, so I can’t comment on wear time, but as I use them they seem to last all day. The packaging is great as well – no sharpening required, just wind up the pencil at the base!

I also picked up some Soft Matte Lip Creams, which I have been eyeing forever! A matte red lip colour is kind of like a LBD for your beauty wardrobe so I’m really glad I finally have one.

I did take some photos with these on my lips but they turned out so gross that I couldn’t bear to use them! Don’t worry, they’ll be featured in future looks for sure! Monte Carlo is a gorgeous deep blue-red, and San Paulo is a brightened pastel yellow-cream. I love them both (although I was surprised how bright San Paulo is in real life). They go on creamy but then dry down to a matte finish. I had some application issues with both though, as it is quite hard to get an even application. With all matte lippies, these ones show up any dryness or flakiness on your lips.

Finally, since I bought so much stuff, the seller threw in a freebie:

I was really excited when I saw this because the colour looked beautiful in the tube. Unfortunately, when applied, it gives me undead grey-white lips. Ew.

It was great to experience a new brand, and I’m impressed with the quality of NYX given its cost. I hope I find a good glitter adhesive soon so I can start using them!