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Hi everyone, I know I have been the worst when it comes to continuity! The sudden decrease in spare time and increase in energy expenditure caught me completely off guard BUT I do love blogging and I promise to be more punctual with posts from now on!

Here’s some photographic evidence of my attempt to try nail marbling. I chose tropical colours to help me stay in the summer mood.

If you have tried marbling before, you’ll know how time consuming it is! This process took me a good 80 mins, which is why this is my first and only attempt so far. Clearly, its far from perfect – the white base is still peeking through and there is some smudging from when I applied a top coat.

To do this manicure, I used:

  • Essie Blanc (base coat)
  • NYC Sunshine
  • Essie Vermillionnaire 
  • Skin Food Vita Nail Hot Pink

This technique does use up a lot of polish so I wouldn’t use my favourite treasured limited edition colours for this. Also, the thinner the polish, the easier it is to manipulate so keep that in mind when you’re selecting colours. I didn’t bother to film/photograph this attempt, but if you just can’t wait for me to try then check out cutepolish‘s video below:

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It’s good to be back! Stay tuned for much more fun stuff, dear readers!