Here are a few shots from an upcoming feature on Le Fanciulle (an awesome blog run by S & T – my super talented and fashionable friends and fellow med-heads). I won’t give away any details, except that it was a day of fun, fashion, makeup, hair and laughter.

The makeup and hair was done by myself, the photography was done by T and the set was done by S. Both S and T styled the shoot.

The gorgeous Sinead was our model/dress-up doll with some special guest stars. Andrew happily removed his clothes for us, and we had another guest star who’s photographs we’re keeping under our hat for now!

*yawn* Its early!

Fishtail braid! It looks wonderful with Sinead's burnished hair.

S & T hard at work with set design and lighting

Hipster chic

Face painting for grown-ups

Sinead, Andrew and the talented photographer

Enjoy the photos! Please check out Le Fanciulle and our previous collaboration ‘Decade by Decade’.