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It’s almost Christmas! Of all the many wonderful things associated with the holiday season, one of my favourites is the festive decoration. Since I won’t be home for Christmas, I decided to put up some decorations anyway…on my nails!

Apparently the sparkliness of the rhinestones made it impossible for my camera to focus properly – I apologise. I do love this manicure, its like having a Christmas tree on my fingers!!!

1. Thumb: Base colour using OPI Glitzerland, Xmas tree using essie Pretty Edgy and rhinestones from Skin Food. Random star…

2. Index: Base colour using essie Lollipop, poinsettia using OPI Glitzerland, outlining using essie Blanc. Rhinestone from Skin Food.

3. Middle: Base colour using OPI Glitzerland. Christmas baubles using OPI Absolutely Alice and essie Super Bossa Nova.

4. Ring: Base colour using essie Lollipop. Snowflakes created using Etude (Korean brand) silver nail pen.

5. Pinky: Base colour using OPI Glitzerland. Holly created using essie Lollipop, Pretty Edgy and Etude silver nail pen.

Hope you enjoyed this one, dear readers! Merry Christmas to you alll!