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One of my oldest friends got engaged recently, and even though we were expecting it, everyone was very excited about the big news. The bride-to-be and I have been friends since we were 9 years old and have remained close. I was very gratified when she asked me to do her makeup for her upcoming engagement brunch.

The soiree was French-inspired, so since her dress was red and white we had to use blue!

A shot from our makeup trial. How lovely is her skin? She’s the epitome of a porcelain-skinned beauty. Navy blue eyeliner is a great alternative to black, which can look overly harsh. It’s especially great for blue and brown eyes!

A sneaky photo of the ring!

The bride and I on the day of the party. Lucky we got a quick shot in before it heated up and our faces started melting!

The happy couple! Please take note of the coordinating red-white-and-blue!

Young love in the countryside. Oh la la!

Despite the heat, it was a lovely event and a testament to the hard work put in by the couple and their families. I must admit I didn’t exercise much restraint when faced with a platter of fine French pastries…but it was a terrific start to the couple’s journey to the aisle! Stay tuned for more bridal adventures leading up to the big day!