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This is a very girly, cute manicure that I did to celebrate holidays, summer, and the recent engagement of a close friend! Apologies for the truly poor job with tidying up the sides of the polish (I didn’t realise that I hadn’t cleaned it up before I took these photos and ran out the door).

Here’s what to do to get this manicure:

  1. Apply a base coat and 2-3 coats of a pale peach base colour.
  2. Thumb: Use an opaque white polish to draw a bird (this was a bit of a fail :P). Use a dotting tool to make the bird’s head. Use a fine tipped brush to draw the rest of the body. Use a silver polish to add details such as feathers and a beak.
  3. Index: Decide where you want your bow to be and use a dotting tool to create the bow’s knot. Draw two triangles on either side to create the bow. Use a fine brush to draw the ribbon using the same colour polish. I used a pastel lilac colour.
  4. Middle: Use a fine tipped brush to create a diagonal lace design. Draw two parallel lines diagonally across the nail. On the side closer to the edge of your nails, draw a criss-cross design. On the far side draw small ‘c’ shapes for the lace edge.
  5. Ring: Carefully apply two flower fimo nail appliques on slightly wet polish. Finish with a clear coat of top coat.
  6. Pinky: Use a fine brush to draw and fill in a triangle for the ice cream cone. Use opaque white for the ice cream scoop. Use silver polish to add detail.

For this mani, I used Skin Food’s Milky Colour Polish in Peach Milk for the base colour, along with essie Blanc, Lilacism and Bloom Miranda.

Hope you enjoyed this one!