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I couldn’t think of a better name for this manicure, but it is super cute!!!

To get this manicure, here’s what to do:

  1. Apply a base coat to prevent staining, adhere the polish to your nails and fill in ridges. I used Essie’s First Base.
  2. Apply a shimmering claret red polish in thin even coats. I used 2 coats of OPI Bogota Blackberry (my favourite red!).
  3. Thumb: Apply a shimmering pale gold polish in a V-shape from the top of the nail (I used OPI Glitzerland). Then add a small nail diamante while the polish is still wet.
  4. Index: Using a dotting tool, make a dot in the middle of the nail with opaque white polish (I used Essie Blanc). Draw 2 triangles on each side of the dot and fill them in to create a bow. Add smaller triangles underneath to create the tassels of the bow. Then using the same gold colour as before and a fine-tipped brush, paint on the details of the bow.
  5. Ring: I created white roses using the technique shown in Cutepolish’s video – click here to see how. I used Essie Blanc and OPI Glitzerland again.
  6. Finish with a basecoat to seal your design. I used Essie Good to Go.

L-R: OPI Bogota Blackberry, Essie Blanc, OPI Glitzerland

Here’s a close up of the thumb:

Close up of the index finger:

Close up of the ring finger:

The thing with these types of manicures is not to stress too much about the detail – no one is going to look that closely at your nails.

I just looooove this manicure!! But by the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably have another manicure that I love! Hope you try this one out – its not that difficult and if you have holidays, why not give yourself an excuse to lounge about for 20-40 mins while your polish dries?


Essie products are available from Myer, OPI products are available from David Jones.