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Thanks to my awesome friend T (of Le Fanciulle), I was alerted about a competition on the enex100 Facebook page celebrating retro style. Since T, S and myself had recently done a retro photoshoot for Le Fanciulle, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up! The prize? A pair of Gorman Bridget sunglasses valued at $199! (Just as a point of reference, the last pair of sunglasses I bought were about $12).

Here’s the ‘winning photo’:

Don’t I look like the perfect 50s housewife? I mean, apart from the fact that the American civil rights movement hadn’t occurred yet so I’d probably have to have been someone’s governess, and Indian housewives in the 50s wore saris…but those are just details.

For the original post on Le Fanciulle – click here. I was styled by S & T, and photographed by T (with lots of encouragement from S!)

After my morning exam yesterday, I came home to find a little surprise waiting for me on my bed!

Oooo…what’s inside?

Sunnies!!! In a fancy cloth-covered hard case!!

Inside the fancy case!

A quick photo taken by my dad – the sunnies are great at hiding my dark circles and general exam-induced grossness. They will definitely be featured in a better prepared photo during the summer!

Aww, thanks Gorman – I appreciate the freebie and the personal note!

If you want to learn more about Gorman – check out T & S’s multiple posts on them! They love them so much! Alternatively, you can go directly to the source to check out what they have to offer – Gorman Online. My fellow Perthians can find Gorman shops in the enex100 building (Hay St Mall) and Claremont Quarter.

As for me, I’m happy with my prize! I can’t say I would have payed the $199 retail price for these sunglasses (they are heavily overpriced, even given their quality) but I sure am glad to cross buying sunnies off my summer shopping list!


ps. Good luck to all my fellow 4th years for our monstrous Pathology exam tomorrow!