This last week hasn’t been too ‘inspired’ in terms of fashion or beauty – the dread of OSCEs (Observed Structured Clinical Exams) has been looming over my head like a stormy raincloud. But I did make the mistake of choosing Beyonce’s new album – 4 – as my study soundtrack…BIG BIG MISTAKE!

25 plays later, the song Love On Top was stuck in my head! I can’t get rid of it! Then I came home and saw it as a top played video on Youtube and I watched it. I am really loving the 80s boy band concept (think New Kids on the Block) and definitely digging Beyonce’s makeup – she’s moving around a lot but when she’s wearing the gold tux, her eye makeup is very Tina Turner-esque.

I will never understand how Bey manages to pull of leotards and stockings with racy dance moves and not look like a tramp…but she does it every time!

The 80s was the era of some truly tragic trends (like the aforementioned Tina Turner’s hair), but it was also the era of glam! For a more modern and wearable take on the glam-80s, try drawing inspiration from Oscar de la Renta F/W 2010 runway look.

I shall be back in full blogging force soon…just have to get these pesky exams out of the way first! Plus I’m attending the wedding of an old friend tomorrow – so excited!

Happy weekend


PS. I also re-watched this multiple times…it’s such a beautiful song and I love Kurt Schneider’s version of it as well (he’s almost my age :O – so talented!).

Image sourced from MakeupMinx.