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This is fantasy and makeup coming closer together! Paperlash is a paper design company based in London that has recently released a collection of amazing false eyelashes. Actually, I can’t really say they’re lashes because they look nothing like eyelashes…they’re more like 3D eyelid adornments!

Even though they’re pretty crazy, they looks surprisingly subtle on the models. Each set of lashes is made of laser cut paper. I am not sure how sturdy this would be, and if there would be issues with bending, tearing, wet glue, etc.

Some more detailed pictures:

Deer and Butterfly Full Lashes

Under the Sea Full Lashes

Peacock Full Lashes

Peonies Accent Lashes

How incredible is the detail on these nifty little things!? I would of course love to have them all but sadly I haven’t found a pot of gold yet. If I had to pick a favourite – it would be the Deer and Butterfly lashes, because they’re just so whimsical and ‘Sleeping Beauty princess’-like.

Full lashes retail for £12.50 (AUD 18.80), accent lashes for £10.50 (AUD 15.80). They can be bought from the Paperself online store, but the shipping to Australia is a bit steep (about £7.50). However, they are also being sold on ASOS and BuyEyelashes…for cheaper than the official store (and with free shipping from ASOS). I don’t understand the logic, but hooray for us! They’re also sold from a few Australian outlets, such as Babylikestopony (AUD 30.00) and Lash Republic (AUD 35.00). Apparently they’re also being sold at Sportsgirl but I haven’t been able to find them yet. This might be an East-coast only thing :(.

Would you consider wearing Paperself lashes? Are they too wackadoodle for your taste? Or are they just too much of an extravagance to waste money on?