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Hopefully you guys all checked out the photos of the amazing (and totally not lame) dress-up session that I had with Steph and Trish of Le.Fanciulle, but in case you didn’t here are the links:

The Fifties – thats me!

The Sixties – Twiggy…but actually Trish

The Seventies – peace, love & Steph

And since I had the pleasure of doing the makeup part of these photo shoots, I thought it would be fun to share some close-ups of our faces.

Firstly, there’s me as a glamorous 50s gal:

Any credit for a decent photo goes to Trish for her great direction as photographer, because I am an appallingly awkward model! The 50s were all about a porcelain doll-like effect – flawless skin, flushed cheeks, perfect eyeliner and ruby lips. To make this look more wearable for everyday, skip the dark lipstick and go for eyeliner with a small wing. Add a soft pink cheek stain across the cheekbones and you’re done!

Trish portrayed the edgy androgynous beauty of the 60s:

A closeup of the eyes:

I’m blown away by her photos – not only a gifted photographer, but also a natural model. I am very jealous of those high cheekbones! Trish’s look was certainly the most ‘out there’ of the trio but you can still encorporate the 60s into your everyday routine! The emphasis here is on luscious lashes so make sure you find a super black mascara and pile on a few coats. You can add further emphasis to your lashes by adding fairly thick black liner close to your lashline (no winging out though!) Finish off with a nude lipstick and neatly groomed eyebrows.

And finally, Steph brought the serenely seductive 70s to life:

Now Steph originally said that she was nervous about being in front of the camera – this turned out to be a big lie as she transformed into this stunning ANTM-worthy model once the camera started clicking! The 70s girl is low-key gorgeous, and this look is extremely wearable for any occasion! Skip foundation and go for a tinted moistuiser with luminising particles for a dewy, natural look. Don’t be scared by the bright eyeshadow colours because the rest of the face is extremely natural looking. For Steph, I used a seafoam green on the inner  2/3 of the lid and a slightly darker turquoise on the outer 1/3 to bring out her natural eye colour.

All in all, it was a very fun day and great distraction from our usual routine. There are many more planned, so stay tuned to see what shenanigans we get up to this summer!


ps. Just had to include this photo of me wrestling with T’s false eyelashes!!! They are very capricious little things!