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For me, wearing eyeliner is almost like wearing clothes. Whether it be pencil, powder, liquid or gel – I feel incomplete without that smudge above my lashline. Now, most eyeliners come in the usual blacks, browns and greys. While these should be staples for every busy student, sometimes a gal needs to bring a little colour into a dreary day, and she needs it fast! Hence my never-fail beauty pick-me-up: coloured eyeliner.

Now you might be thinking ‘coloured eyeliner is not appropriate for me!’. The trick to pulling off this pop of colour is making sure that the rest of your face is neutral and natural looking.

Also, try to keep the coloured liner fairly thin and restrict it to either the top lid or bottom lid. Personally I prefer using the top lid. That’s because when I apply colour to the bottom lashline, I usually need to apply a black/brown liner to the top lashline as well to keep my eyes from looking oddly unbalanced. However, when I apply the colour to the top lashline, I usually don’t need anything except a swipe of mascara to complete the bottom lashes.

To make sure this look is long wearing, pick a waterproof liner like Stila’s Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners. Unfortunately, stocking up on coloured eyeliners can be a little cost prohibitive, but you can get around this by using your coloured eyeshadow as liner. To do this, use an angled brush and press (not pull!) the eyeshadow powder onto the skin just above your lashline. Flick the brush out at the ends to create a becoming winged look. To make the powder stick in place even longer, use eyeshadow primer or a neutral eyeliner (or even a lipliner!) as a base.

Some colours to try include violet, forest green, teal, copper/burnt orange, navy blue, steel blue, and lilac.

Hopefully using a pop of coloured eyeliner will lift your mid-week spirits and make getting reading for the long day ahead a little bit more fun!


Recommended Items:

  • Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – AUD 48.00
  • Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner – AUD 42.00
  • MAC Eye Kohl – AUD 32.00
  • MAC Fluidline – AUD 32.00
  • Prestige Kohl Blend Eye Pencil – AUD 14.95
  • MAC Small Angle Brush 266 – AUD 39.00
  • EcoTools Bamboo Eyeliner Brush – AUD 9.96
Images sourced from Instyle.