So we’re back to the 6:30AM decision between breakfast and makeup. You have ten minutes to make yourself presentable. Instead of trying (and failing) to do a full face of makeup, concentrate on your best feature.

The conventional options would be eyes and lips. Try some winged eyeliner to accentuate the shape of your eyes. Or some volumising mascara to make them look wide open. Don’t skimp on the lower lashes either – making them dark and thick will give you a doll-like appearance. For lips, try a statement colour that is somewhat co-ordinated with your outfit. In summer, corals and pinks are the way to go. For winter, go even bolder with berries and reds.

If you want some unconventional features to flatter, consider focusing on your eyebrows or cheekbones. Eyebrows may not be as obvious as glittery purple shadow, but a little TLC can make them a real statement. Of course, if you overdo it with the eyebrows, that statement may be ‘Morticia Adams’. But well groomed eyebrows that are lightly filled in and softly brushed upwards into an elegant arch can be a gorgeous and understated beauty feature!

As for the cheekbones, try the trifecta of highlight, blush and bronzer. Bronzer should be applied with a big fluffy brush, swooshed around the temples, hollows of the cheek and jawline. Then blush, applied with a stippling brush to the apples. And finally, the highlight (any light satin finish eyeshadow works) should be applied with a soft angled brush to the cheekbones for that perfectly sculpted look.

Recommended items:

  • Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner – AUD 45.00
  • Stila Kajal Eye Pencil – AUD 38.00
  • NARS The Multiple – AUD 79.00
  • MAC Mineralize Blush – AUD 43.00
  • NARS Blush Powder in Albatross – AUD 49.00
Images sourced from Instyle.com