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Emma Watson’s highly anticipated collab with cosmetic giant Lâncome came out yesterday. It is a 1 min 45 sec advertisement for Lâncome’s new fragrance Trésor Midnight Rose, set in Paris and directed by the great Mario Testino. The storyline is a simple boy-meets-girl fare, and a chance meeting that blossoms into romance. Parts of the film are tinted purple to match the purple colour of the perfume bottle (which is shaped just like Trésor In Love). The new perfume contains notes of raspberry, pink pepper, jasmine, peony, rose, vanilla, cedar and musk.

After watching it, I have to confess…I do not like it. The highly idealised storyline is fine – that is what’s expected from perfume ads (remember Nicole Kidman’s ad for Chanel No. 5?). What I dislike is Emma’s styling in the video. Her new pixie hairdo and dark red lips make her look 5 years older than her age. Her outfit coupled with that hair makes her look much too mannish, and that is just not what Lâncome is about! The French company has been a stalwart of femininity for decades and I think Emma’s look, while trendy, just misses the bullseye.

The gamine look can be ultra-feminine of course! But unfortunately, Emma fails to pull it off with the same panache as Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Portman. I’m not crazy about her new look in general – I thought she really did look better with longer hair. Perhaps she’s just too young? We’ll have to wait and see.

My favourite perfume ad is Lâncome’s Trésor In Love. It starred the absolutely stunning Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann (daughter of Isabella Rossellini), and is to me the epitome of elegance, romance, femininity and beauty that Lâncome represents.

ETA on Trésor Midnight Rose hitting Australian shores is unknown, but this is one that fragrance lovers can add to their wish list for Christmas!