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This Weekly Inspiration is an homage to the often-overlooked and ridiculed redheaded beauties. I’ll admit that I’ve chortled at the term ‘ginger ninja’ or ‘matchstick’, but I think its time to pay tribute to the beautiful redheads out there who wear their flaming locks proudly! Teen Vogue obviously feels the same because their September cover girl is the lovely, funny Emma Stone (who’s actually a natural blonde, but come on – she looks amazing as a ginger right?)

Emma’s amazing photo shoot proves that redheads can wear pinks and oranges proudly – the key is to make the colour the focus of your look and tone down everything else accordingly. Pairing a gerbera pink top with black pants and chic ear studs prevents you from looking like Bozo the clown.

Furthermore, keep your makeup simple if you’re attempting these bright colour combos! Along with the hair, most redheads are blessed with porcelain skin and a smattering of adorable freckles. Embrace your natural beauty by letting those freckles shine through under a thin layer of tinted moisturiser with SPF – it will protect your skin from the cold and the sun! Add some brown or grey eyeliner smudged close to the lashline (black will be too harsh) and some volumising mascara. Finish off with some peachy pink colour on the cheeks and lips. Peach is a perfect colour for redheads because it gives colour without enhancing redheads’ red undertones too much (think roseacea…). Finally, put a smile on your face and walk out the door, confident in the knowledge that being a red is awesome!

Images sourced from Teen Vogue. Read Emma Stone’s interview here!