Instead of listening to a lecture (which I should have listened to 2 months ago), I was window shopping on Book Depository when I happened to come across this gem in the ‘Crafts & Hobbies Section’. I kid you not – this is real.

Someone actually made a book on knitting patterns for vampires. Now, I’m no vampire expert, but since when did the undead need cable knitwear in rainbow patterns to keep warm? I think this pretty much confirms that vampire-fever has infiltrated every aspect of society. Personally, I find vampires boring and pasty. But I understand that to others they are delicious, sparkly hunks that have special powers like super strength, and making any conversation incredibly uncomfortable and drawn out. If you’re interested, Vampire Knits is currently 27% off online. A quick google search also brought me to the author’s blog: http://vampireknits.wordpress.com/ so you can follow other knitting/vampire afficionados’ adventures.

In the ‘other people who viewed this also bought…’ section, I saw this:

I’m totally biased towards wizards over vampires for obvious reasons – wizards are way cooler. If I could knit more than a sketchy plain stitch (and I wasn’t doing a degree that sucks your soul out like a Dementor), I would be tempted to give some of these designs a try.

I guess knitting and a love of wizards/vampires would qualify for the Geek Olympics, so it was only a matter of time before someone went for gold and decided to combine the two! If anyone does try it out, make sure you post your results online somewhere for the rest of us to admire and secretly covet.